Mono Variations | CFE

Open to all California based artists. Open to all CSP artist, student, lifetime, and honorary members, regardless of location.

The Monoprint technique offers print artists one of the most basic ways to make an impression with a repeating template, stencil, or stamp, that can be loaded with infinite variation. We have probably all seen images of handprints on a rock. A hand print is a fascinating example because the same stamp will produce a different image every time. A monoprint series pressed from a static matrix has a repeating, and yet always morphing theme. Over multiple prints using the same matrix with different applications patterns arise, and variations may divulge a story.
California based printmakers, and eligible CSP members are invited to Submit up to 3 prints from a series of monoprints, based on the same matrix, reusable template, origin of construction, or marked plate. The work should explore an image serially. Submit a minimum of 2, maximum of 3 prints for jurying. Original artwork must be a monoprint between 8″ and 22″ in width. Accepted artists will have 2 works chosen to show as a pair in the exhibition at Arc Gallery. Accepted artists will have the option to show up to 5 works from the same series online, in our digital web gallery. Digitally displaying the many pieces together will highlight the depth and breadth of the collection.

Venue: Arc Gallery, San Francisco, California
Juror: Michelle Edelman, founder and curator of Tint Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Exhibition Dates: January 13–Feb 17, 2024
Entry Deadline: October 25 (PST)
Notification of selected Artists: November 5
Application fee: $35, $25 for CSP members.

Location: Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Deadline: October 25, 2023