Focus on Black & White | 2024 Journal CFP

The California Printmaker | 2024 | Journal Call for Proposals

Accepting proposals now through August 30, 2023 from artists across the world.

No application or participation fee.

The California Society of Printmakers is soliciting proposals for the 2024 annual issue, Focus on Black & White.

The basis for much of the imagery in printmaking starts with black and white or a gray scale, where the development of imagery is based on tonal gradation. We are interested in why you use imagery that is grayscale or monotone and how it helps you express your intent.

We would like proposals by print artists and are also seeking recommendations of artists (including their website) who could contribute to this topic.

Your work will be judged on its quality and how well it relates to this year’s theme. Articles would be 700-1200 words.

•how your article will address the theme.
•outline or short narrative (about 200 words).
•website address.
•5 or more jpegs (at least 3 mgb image size) relating to your proposal content, submitted as a separate attachment.
•artist bio with contact information.

If you are considered, your finished article would be due November 1, 2023

Submit to:
Bob Rocco, Editorial Board, California Society of Printmakers

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Location: Earth

Deadline: August 31, 2023