MESH: A Juried National Exhibition

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and partners announce MESH, a nationally open, competitive, juried exhibit.

To be held March 8-April 21, 2024 and hosted in the Helen C. Frederick Gallery at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Awards to recognize excellence among the entries include: $1000 from Pyramid Atlantic Art Center for Best Overall Entry; $1000 from The Washington Print Club for Best Work on Paper; and $1000 from The Washington Print Foundation for Most Innovative Entry.

The fine art of screenprinting has primitive antecedents in prehistoric cave wall stenciled
imagery. In modern times renowned artists such as Warhol, Lichtenstein have used stencil
material attached to or embedded in mesh of fiber, metal, or synthetic plastic filaments. The
process has been applied in decorative arts, textile printing, advertising posters and in street and political art. Screenprinting has a widespread current presence in commercial signage, t-
shirts, ceramics, furniture, and packaging. MESH calls on artists to consider the history of screenprinting, its technical contexts, and its diverse applications. While not excluding traditional screenprinting, the exhibition also encourages all work that might creatively intersect — or mesh — with screenprinting. MESH opens the door, wide, for crossover work that utilizes screenprinting

Jurors will emphasize the creative applications of the fine art of screenprinting, in its pure traditional form and in its intersections with other techniques.

Juror information will be announced shortly.

Location: Pyramid Atlantic Art Center - Hyattsville, MD

Deadline: January 31, 2024