Assistant Professor of Instruction in Printmaking / Graphic Design

Ohio University invites applications for a full-time, 9-month, non-tenure-track faculty position to teach undergraduate and graduate courses within Printmaking and Graphic Design. The candidate would teach a mix of courses in Printmaking and Graphic Design, including Etching/Relief, Lithography/Monotype, Letterpress and Bookmaking, Advanced Printmaking, Senior Printmaking, and Graduate Printmaking; and potentially digitally-based coursework. The candidate would be responsible for managing 3 labs (Etching/Relief, Lithography, and the TypeShop and Bindery), supervising student workers in these labs, and service on graduate committees and standing service committees in the School of Art + Design, College of Fine Arts, or at the University level. A successful candidate will have a focus in Printmaking, serve Design curriculum, collaborate with faculty on program developments, and serve as an integral member of the School of Art + Design. The successful candidate will also proactively keep the discipline of studio Printmaking competitive and current with an interest in interdisciplinary engagement.

Minimum Qualifications:
– Terminal degree in Printmaking, or related fields
– Professional creative research practice in printmaking and design-related media
– College-level teaching experience
– Experience with shop maintenance, especially etching/relief, lithography, and letterpress.

Preferred Qualifications:
– Evidence of successful teaching experience/or teaching ability at both the graduate and the undergraduate level
– Evidence of an established Printmaking-based (or related) research practice
– Demonstrated ability to operate and manage Printmaking facilities and equipment, such as facilities in etching, relief, lithography, and letterpress.
– Strong knowledge of Printmaking materials and processes including lithography, monotype, etching, relief, letterpress, and bookmaking
– Experience with assisting in overseeing Printmaking and Design curriculum and/or related programs
– Interdisciplinary/cross disciplinary arts knowledge and training in history, theory and practice, and the technological applications of Printmaking and Letterpress
– Experience with design principles, typography, and design software as evidenced through teaching or studio practice
– Ability to mentor graduate teaching associates and undergraduate student workers
– Ability to serve on graduate committees for MFA/MA students
Experience with interdisciplinary/community engagement initiatives in Printmaking and Design
– Interest in recruitment and retention for Printmaking and Design
– Interest in building, organizing and guiding student engagement in experiential learning opportunities

Location: Ohio University, Athens, OH

Deadline: April 15, 2024


Contact: Melissa Haviland,